Stabilizing and building agency on Zoom!

Baratang Initiatives provides a psycho-educational talk on the effects of trauma and how we can stabilize ourselves after a traumatic event with adolescents from Youth @ Work on Zoom.

It was during the civil unrest, South Africa went through mid-July 2021 where the call to support, motivate and prepare a space for self-healing came. Baratang Initiatives took the opportunity to host a psycho-educational virtual online meeting for South African youth.  Adapting our work to be presented in a virtual space has been our mission since lockdown 2020. The 200+ attendees, all employed by the same NPO, were from diverse backgrounds and employed in various lines of work. As many participants were experiencing different levels of stress reaction, maintaining consistent work ethic, motivation and attendance were regressing among workers, and according to our brief so were their levels of anxiety. Our session included theoretical material on how trauma affects the mind, body, and feelings and we even shared a few games and exercises they could use to regulate themselves. There were great responses and requests for further engagement especially from youth working in schools.

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