Emotional First Aid training: in-depth training for teachers and interns in South African Schools

Baratang Initiatives provides in-depth training for teachers and interns working in South African schools on how to support learners during times of upheaval.

This is a program that is aligned with our mission to provide healing arts techniques, tools and trauma knowledge to teachers, parents, and childminders. It took place as an in-depth E-learning program called ‘Emotional First Aid’ training. This was a 6-hour workshop that took place on two different days, with a discursive and interactive sharing platform on a social media group in between both sessions that provided bite-size information and practical games that can effectively address the stress response of trauma.

Working with as much interactivity as possible online, the sessions were able to balance fun, knowledge, sensitivity and safety to allow for a more holistic and conducive learning experience:


Feedback from some of the participants: 


Thank you very much for the very useful information I will be using it in the class

We deal with a lot of teenagers and we find ourselves having to deal with learners with trauma on a daily basis and it would be nice to see if these can help center them when they feel like they are in a storm.”

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